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Written From was a large project taken from concept, through development, to completion. A clean and modern design was required for a custom WordPress website, along with visual and branding packages that included logo, colour scheme, business cards, and more. During development phase, a landing page with extended functionality was constructed to bring awareness to the brand. A content package was also provided for all material designed and created, including an outline of Written From’s philosophy, vision and aims. 

Web Design | Web Development | Image Curation | Content Copy


The project began with the design of the Written From logo, which was to become the central feature of a wider branding package. A simple circular design that encapsulated and accentuated a handwritten font, which spelled out the brand’s name, reflected Written From’s philosophy. The travel platform envisioned is intended to create and curate personal content akin to a digital letter, in a format that highlights the locations in which the content was written. For this reason, the logo was designed to resemble a wax envelope stamp.

The colour scheme was carefully selected to ensure that the main focus would be on the content, whilst at the same time creating a sense of openness, tranquility and trust as a resource for travelling and cultural thought. This was achieved through the use of three main colours, white, charcoal and a grade of teal.

For the purpose of promoting the platform, a set of business cards were designed. Opting for a clean white and black style the emphasis was on the logo, centred on one side, and contact information on the other. The business cards include website url, email addresses and Facebook handle.

Digital Warehouse - Written From Business Cards

Coming Soon Page

With the pending launch of the Written From travel platform, a vibrant, multi-dimensional Coming Soon landing page was required.
The functionality of the landing page was extended to contain a newsletter signup form pointing to MailChimp, a ‘become a contributor’ page with it’s own form pointing towards a personalised business email address, a manifesto page outlining Written From’s philosophy, and a legal page.

The landing page was designed and used the selected colour scheme in such a way that it complemented the dynamic background image. The logo was centred and signup forms placed strategically to get peoples attention.

Digital Warehouse - Written From


Before development, the initial designs for the website were drawn up and refined as wireframes on the design tool Sketch. These designs incorporated the colour scheme and a number of curated stock images to represent a picture of the completed site.

A pool of high quality stock images were resourced for use in the final development stages that would enhance the quality of the content and user perception.

The final website contains a mixture of layered static and blog-style pages, along with a variety of integrated business tools such as WooCommerce, social media, SEO plugins and MailChimp.The structure of the website was created with the intention of allowing prominent space for featured content, as well as allowing a smooth and easy process in the publication of new content.

We ensured that basic wordpress security was set up and a HTTPS certificate was associated to the site.

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Digital Warehouse took great care to ensure the coming soon page and business cards were in tune with the image and message we were trying to get across, whilst at the same time being practical and easy to use. The full website was an ambitious project and required great attention to detail in order to achieve the aesthetic sensibilities of the site.

Megan Jessica & Luis Carrillo Coello