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7 Plugins To Enhance Your WordPress Site

7 Plugins To Enhance Your WordPress Site

All of the websites produced by Digital Warehouse are developed and designed for use on WordPress ORG. We find it to be the easiest platform through which our clients can maintain their websites after handover, whilst also allowing for huge scalability as their ideas, projects, and businesses grow. The WordPress platform has so much to offer beyond the out-of-the-box set up, and that’s largely thanks to the vast open source community who continue to build solutions to common problems through plugins.

Plugins are extensions that can be applied to your website to enhance its functionality. They can be used to transform your website into an online shop, to send out resources to loyal fans, to add instant chat functionality and enhance your security and SEO.

Due to the large community of developers there are thousands of plugins to choose from. And we wanted to share some of our favourites with you.


When running your own website, questions of security inevitably come up, and wondering how best to protect your site can be a daunting. One of the most popular, and up to date, plugins out there is Shield. When used correctly, Shield will provide your site with an extra layer of security. The plugin was designed to be user friendly, with a well laid-out dashboard and instructions for each section. Shield covers a range of topics from login protection and user management, to comment control and potential hacks.

Yoast SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. By applying SEO techniques your website has a better chance of being found on the first pages of search engines like Google. Of course, there are techniques you could apply without using the plugin, and WordPress does provide the space to do this. However, by using Yoast you’ll be able to manipulate your metadata (the data search engines look through) without having to touch the code base.

Sumo Social Media Share Buttons

Social Media share buttons are plastered over just about every website and provide a quick way for anyone reading your content to share it with their connections. There are an abundance of social share plugins to choose from, but one of the most popular options is Sumo. The set up is incredibly easy, and they allow users to share content on a large variety of platforms, including Facebook Messages and WhatsApp.

MailChimp For WordPress

If you’re trying to build an audience around your blog or business, relying on social media can be harmful in the long run. Social media platforms are run on ever changing algorithms, and each time these algorithms are altered, your outreach can be damaged. For that reason you should build a dedicated audience through the use of such tools like MailChimp email lists. MailChimp is popular and free, and comes with a WordPress plugin that helps you to create signup forms which can be strategically placed throughout your website.


Google Analytics Dashboard

Knowing how your site is performing is important to any growing hobbyist or business owner. In order to know the results of a marketing strategy, we need to look at stats. Associating your website to Google Analytics can give you that all important insight. The Google Analytics plugin gives you easy access by making your stats available on your WordPress dashboard, saving you from having to login to Google countless times.

Whats Help Chat Button

The use of instant chat capabilities on websites seems to be on the rise. This function gives your audience, or potential clients, an incredibly easy way of contacting you with the click of a button from any page of your site. This has obvious advantages. You can include this function in a few clicks with the Whatshelp Chat Button plugin. With this plugins you can add chat capabilities that link to Facebook, email, WhatsApp, and more.


WooCommerce has been around for a while and continues to grow with developers creating more and more extensions. This plugin allows you to turn your site into an online store, selling physical and/or digital goods. You can manage payments through PayPal or Stripe, to name a few, and you can add products to your shop just as you would a new page. You could have your very own online store and start selling in less than a day.

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